Childrens Classes

Our childrens classes (5-14 years) are designed to develop martial arts skills through which your child will increase their focus, concentration,confidence and fitness


Adult Classes

Through our classes you will increase your fitness,learn to defend yourself and develop you self-confidence and personal awareness


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About Us

What do we teach?

World Ju Jitsu Federation Ireland teaches a mix of kicking, punching throws and locks. The system has evolved from a combination of old Ju Jitsu styles and has developed over the years into a comprehensive self defence system.

Our experience

David Toney (7th Dan master) has been involved in teaching Ju Jitsu for over 25 years and heads a team of highly skilled and highly motivated instructors. All the instructors at WJJ (Ireland) are fully qualified black belts with years of coaching experience. All of our instructors have been police vetted, hold full professional training qualifications, and are fully insured, qualified first aiders.

We have over 70 clubs throughout Ireland and are part of the World Ju Jitsu Federation which has member countries all over the world. We not only offer you an opportunity to train in one of our clubs but also have courses and seminars throughout the year and offer private lessons and self defence courses.

We are also experienced in working with schools through our award-winning Schools Programme and are available for demonstrations and special events of all kinds."

What our members say

Our members range from children, students, office workers, trades people, teachers, unemployed and business professionals – but once inside, they are all martial artists. Everyone is treated with respect and everyone is equal."

Here is what they say about us

"I wanted to get fit but didn’t like the gym - after my first class I was hooked."

Paul Johnston, teacher

"The craic is great – when you’re training, you’re training - but when it’s over we have a laugh"

Jack O’Neill, student

"The instructors know what they are talking about and I know I can get my black belt with their support"

Jayne Ferris, vet

"It’s a bit scary at first when you walk in the door but everyone makes you so welcome"

Annie Shane, care worker

"It’s great for letting off a bit of steam at the end of a hard day.

Graphic designer

"It's a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where people are encouraged to learn and progress at their own speed irrespective of their skill, experience, sex or age."

James Wilson, youth worker

"You progress through a series of belts, each one a short term goal on your way to your black belt"

Alan MacErlean, nurse

"If you want to change your life, change what you do”! Ju jitsu really made me more confident, I found strength I never thought I had."

David Saxon, managing director

"My instructor can break the moves down for me and help me understand. I love it; it is a part of my life!"

Paul Gault, IT guy