Childrens Classes

Our childrens classes (5-14 years) are designed to develop martial arts skills through which your child will increase their focus, concentration,confidence and fitness


Adult Classes

Through our classes you will increase your fitness,learn to defend yourself and develop you self-confidence and personal awareness


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Childrens Classes

We believe martial arts and life skills go hand in hand!

By starting your child in Ju-Jitsu you teach them so much more that kicking and punching. Martial arts are one of the few activities that you can enrol your child in that actively teaches respect, self discipline, and confidence.

All skills that will stay with your child forever; the skills learnt in the training room will enhance their lives for the rest of their lives.

From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and team skills, martial arts can shape a child's character and help them take life in their stride.

World Ju Jitsu holds regular classes for children, with a specially structured syllabus that covers all forms of self defence. Our Junior Programme includes a grading system which encourages self-improvement and allows the students' progress to be monitored carefully.

With the right coaching and instruction, your child will be fighting fit – and graduating as a martial artist in no time. Junior club – 5-14 year olds

  • 1 hour sessions
  • 10 minute – warm-up
  • 10 minutes - punching and kicking
  • 25 minutes - Syllabus
  • 10 minutes – fun and games
  • 5 minutes cool down

Our coaches will take your children through kicking, punching, throwing and self defence skills. They will play games that build skill and teach them how to work as part of a team.


My son is 8 and really loves Ju Jitsu, he is an only child and found it difficult to mix in school. Ju jitsu has brought him out of himself and he has made loads of new friends. He is more confident and his behaviour at home has improved. He finds it easier to concentrate at school and I know that he is being well looked after by the coaches. He can’t wait to do his junior leader’s badge and says he wants to be a coach when he grows up. What he has got out of Ju Jitsu is priceless.

Mrs Paula Smyth

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