Childrens Classes

Our childrens classes (5-14 years) are designed to develop martial arts skills through which your child will increase their focus, concentration,confidence and fitness


Adult Classes

Through our classes you will increase your fitness,learn to defend yourself and develop you self-confidence and personal awareness


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Junior Dojo

Ju Jitsu Ireland has hundreds of Junior members across Northern Ireland. Junior members are under the age of 16 years.

Juniors are encouraged to grade just as the senior members are. This allows them to have a sense of achievement as they move up the grades.

You will learn in a safe and encouraging atmosphere many techniques for throwing, punching, blocking, kicking and of course falling safely. All our instructors (Sensei) are friendly and enthusiastic and always ready to encourage you to perform to your best. You will practise with other students, who are always ready to help and new techniques are only introduced as you develop your skills.

Ju-jitsu is a very social sport and there are many extra-curricular activities to take part in.

Many Seasonal Events are also organised ie. Summer barbeques, Halloween Fancy Dress & Christmas Parties. Clubs are also involved in demos at various Community events.

jujitsu ireland - one of the most effective self defence based martial arts in the world